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»A person can only become the person they are meant to be through education.«

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

When the educational projects we sponsor help young people to develop, there’s always a feeling of sweet success. But such successes also spur us on to enable a greater number of young people to attend school or university. Because once they are well educated, these young people stand a far better chance of shaping their lives autonomously and assuming responsibility in society, independently of regular funding.

Read here to find out where and how we are currently striving to achieve this goal. And please visit us regularly to find out about new projects.

Our current projects:

21 girls now attend the Sacred Heart Secondary School thanks to the support of the Heribert Nasch Foundation. At the beginning of the 2016/2017 school year, a further 6 girls will start the school with the aim of gaining advanced leaving qualifications.