»One should always know the background information in advance.«

Peter E. Schumacher

Providing education as a basis for shaping life autonomously—this is the clear aim of the Heribert Nasch Foundation. We also aim to be equally clear and transparent when it comes to providing background information on the Foundation. This applies both to the members of the board as well as to the assets.

The foundation assets: means to a good end.

We take the word “foundation assets” literally—all assets are used solely and exclusively for the foundation. All expenses required for mentoring and supervising foundation projects are funded by capital gains and donations from companies owned by the family, as well as by donations from third parties. The foundation assets were donated by founder Heribert Nasch and his family.

Non-profit status: highly official out of deepest conviction.

The Heribert Nasch Foundation was officially recognized as a legal entity by the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior & Sport on September 21, 2005. Its charitable status was officially confirmed on December 27, 2005 (tax no.: 61/270/09026) by Lingen tax office.

The board:  with devotion and dedication.

At the heart of the foundation is its board of directors. Here, Dr. Tono Nasch, Ingrid Thielemann and Dr. Anna-Theresia Schwanitz work hand in hand with founder Heribert Nasch.

Voluntary workers: a holiday from holidays.

Employees from the family-owned company ISP enjoy helping out. Not just in Salzbergen and Grand-Couronne, but also in South Africa. Here, they sacrifice a large portion of their annual vacation to volunteer their services free of charge on behalf of the foundation projects. The Heribert Nasch Foundation pays for their flights to South Africa—and back again, of course! Board members pay for their own flights.