Preschool projects

»If you think education is too expensive, try ignorance.«

Derek Curtis Bok

In Kimberley, South Africa, the gigantic crater left by the former open-pit mine is known as »The Big Hole«. By 1914, a total of 2722 kg diamonds had been mined here. An impressive figure—but one which means nothing for the future of the people who live today in Kimberley.

Of far greater value than the treasures of yesteryear is the education of the up and coming generation, and support for those considered weakest in society. And this is precisely what the Heribert Nasch Foundation aspires to achieve in Kimberley. By helping street children, for example, and supporting a local preschool.

Our preschool and street children projects in South Africa:

Translated literally, the project name »Thutong ya Bana« means »a place where young people can learn«. In Kimberley, such a place is not the norm—as reflected in the situation of the roughly 80 homeless children and teenagers who sleep on the streets of the town.

Following a devastating fire, only a few children could be accommodated in the remaining parts of the preschool building. The Heribert Nasch Foundation provided funds for restoring the destroyed areas and renovating the surviving parts of the building.