The purpose of the Foundation

»Education is what’s left when your last dollar is gone.«

Mark Twain

Our greatest capital for the future lies in young people. As the up and coming generation, they will be the next ones to take responsibility and make decisions for society, for the economy and for themselves personally. But will they have the necessary skills to do so? Yes—if we start supporting and preparing them today, or if we have already been doing so for many years.

As does the Heribert Nasch Foundation, the purpose of which since 2005 has been to support and protect young people. Essential components of the support include aspects of upbringing and, above all, education. This concerns school attendance, higher qualifications for secondary schools, or providing opportunities for young people to study at university.

But we also fund special projects such as renovating certain schools or equipping them with the technical facilities they need. To provide a fitting home for education.

Above all, we enjoy what we do:

  • supporting educational facilities, institutions, and organizations that protect young people.
  • We provide funding for projects which aim at providing education, further education, or social integration.
  • We offer scholarships to students from selected schools and universities in South Africa.
  • Our work concentrates solely and directly on non-profit, charitable, and pastoral purposes.
  • We use the assets of the foundation for the statutory purposes of the foundation only.
  • We act selflessly.